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Comic 843 – “The Dandies!”


Errol: Huzzah! This Saturday! We have a gig! Come check us out at the Imperial with The Special Features, Musical Improv Troupe. I hear there’s food!

And the share feature went crazy, apparently. Updated everything, except facebook. Stupid facebook.

Debs: Eeee! Look at the cute Dandies!!!!!

Whitless: I remember this! It was terrifying but fun! And I’m going on Saturday too!

18 Responses to Comic 843 – “The Dandies!”

  1. Paige says:

    I’m in Toronto on Saturday, but it’s for birthday shopping. My mom wouldn’t listen to me when I said I don’t like to shop. :’c
    I’ll see if I can drag her to see your gig instead. I’d rather have fun on the day after my birthday. Also food is great.

  2. Ja-Mez says:

    Good luck on your gig guys! And don’t stress Manpans out TOO much Errol.

  3. SarahLS says:

    Random comment: I was trying to share your Make It So vid on a page this morning and the YouTube app wouldn’t let me even access it from my phone, so I was came here to find a link to it that I could copy and it played the video when I clicked on it! So you can watch it on a mobile device if you watch it here on the debs and Errol site! Finally got the link and shared it too :)

  4. Lore Hera says:

    Have fun guys, happy early birthday, Paige!