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Tag Archives: Spintunes

Spintunes Round 3 Judging Reviews

Hello Spintunes! Huzzah for Round 3 – “Occupy Spintunes”! Debs was really late getting to the reviews this time around, so Errol actually did work in writing some stuff out. E: SPINTUNES ROUND THREE! FIGHT! D: Why must you keep doing that? E: What? This is the first time! D: In writing yes, but you… Continue

SpinTunes Round 2 Judging Reviews!

On with the judging! For Spintunes Round 2, the challengers had to write and record a fight song for their favourite sports team! To add a twist, it didn’t have to be a real team, but could be fictional as well. I think we would have picked Pro-Bending 😀 For Round 1, we ranked the… Continue

SpinTunes Round 1 Judging Reviews!

Our SpinTunes Judge hats are on again this evening and we’re working on feedback for Round 2! That means that we can publicly share our feedback for Round 1! The first round required the challengers to write a song based on an Internet Meme and there were 30 songs and 1 shadow (late; so it… Continue

Comic 547 – “No Songs”

Comic 547 – “No Songs”

Errol: So much stuff. However, this Sunday is the Bakka Filk Circle in Toronto from 12 – 5:30pm, and then the Debs & Errol Google Hangout Concert at 7pm, and then 3 Geeks in a Pod at 8pm. A link will be provided, but more than likely will be at: Crazy. Debs: Well, except for… Continue

Comic 523 – “SpinTunes”

Comic 523 – “SpinTunes”

  Errol: How awesome is that? We get to be judges for Spintunes! I have heard about Spintunes before, but never got involved. However, the comic is pretty much right, Debs and I rarely agree on anything. That’s why I always wait for her to leave the band. 😀 And it’s during FAWM too. That’s… Continue