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Comic 776 – “Fundraising For Dan!”


Errol: We had a great gig last night with the Dandies and now I’m off to Dan’s today to do a game play video to help fundraise for Extra Life! Check us out tomorrow around 2pm EST. I think Manpans and I are mostly going to be annoying him as he plays games. Or maybe I’ll be annoying him. Manpans will be tasked to play a scary game. That will be fun to watch. HAH! ^_^

4 Responses to Comic 776 – “Fundraising For Dan!”

  1. Right I almost forgot about that (darn company). I’ll have to check it out as I can throughout the day. 🙂

  2. When does November 2nd Nanotoons go up? Because it hasn’t gone up yet and usually goes up around the same time as the D&E strip.