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Category Archives: Songs

D&E Hiatus Day 8: Making of Monday

Since Debs and Errol are vacationing in Tahiti for December thanks to the proceeds from their fall concerts, I thought I’d take the opportunity to post the very first video in which I saw both Debs and Errol.  I named this post Making Of Monday because this video is a “Making of” video.  But it… Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 5: Giving

Debs and Errol are taking a break in this season of giving. One of the things that cemented me as a D&E fan was to participate in Sing Me a Story in which artist perform songs and stories for those in need.  It is one way they gave back.  Here is one of the songs they… Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 4: First Page

Debs and Errol are taking a break for December. That makes this month Re-cember, as I break into their site and re-post all their best videos!   In the Live Stream Concert re-posted a couple days back, one of the requests they couldn’t do was for “First Page”.  This song is a cover of Lady Gaga’s… Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 3: Holiday Cheer

Debs and Errol are taking the month off, but we can still enjoy this season with them. How about some Linus and Lucy to kick off the holiday cheer.. Hey, by the way, have you found all of the hidden links in this video? They take you to lots of other fun vids. Continue

Debs and Errol are on Hiatus, but I’m Not!

Hello! It is Brian, your friendly neighborhood eHermit here. I’ve been drawn out of my cave by this month long hiatus… Earlier today I’d asked if it would be okay with Debs and Errol if I were to post a few older videos while they are out and about. Errol said go for it! I’m… Continue

Our Pi Day Song! :D

First off, I apologized profusely for the lack of Google Hangout. I owe you guys. We talked to NaNoWriMo for an hour and it was a lot of fun. They probably think Canadians are really strange now. Anyway, here’s our Pi Song. Debs: Ah! We’re flipped! Errol, I think the pie got to your head.… Continue

Birthday Message to Mercenary Pen from D&E

Errol: Yes, MP comes up with stuff to celebrate birthdays. Yes, we all forgot his. Debs: I didn’t forget! I didn’t know! But I should have. But now I shall always remember, for you see, there are only 5 days in the entire year where the month is the square root of the day, MP’s birthday… Continue

Through Your Eyes

Debs: Those of you who hang ’round these parts will know that Ja-Mez has been close to Sarah for a long time. She lives in Texas, so a lot of his Valentine’s Day surprising happens long distance. That means he’s used to getting creative! Last year, he really wanted to write her a song and… Continue