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Category Archives: Songs

More SMAS’ing!

Debs:  We’re stoked to announce that we have achieved a SMAS hat trick, with our third song for the Sing Me A Story Foundation going live on their site today!  We’ve talked about SMAS before (seriously, that’s the best acronym ever), but for those who might not remember (musicians especially – pay attention!), it is an… Continue

Sing Me A Story: Kate’s Song

Clipped from: (share this clip)   Debs: Back on May 26th, we posted a comic about our first song for Sing Me A Story‘s Inner Circle and now that it has been officially uploaded to the SMAS site, we can publicly tell you about it. Huzzah! Clipped from: (share this clip)   First, the background… Continue

[SONG] “Wanna Be Your Asian”

Errol: It’s my anniversary today! Huzzah! Yes, I got married on Valentine’s day. This is a song I wrote for my wife. It kinda critiques asian, sidekick stereotypes. Kinda… And no, Debs is not my wife. LYRICS: Verse 1 Do you believe? What’s seen on screen, Don’t believe all that is said. Just look at… Continue

[Parody] – “TIE After TIE”

Debs:  Continuing with the YouTube covers for those who have helped fund our CD, here is one for Errol’s  sister, Lizette.   She lives out west but I met her when she visited, yay! She wanted us to cover Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” so we geekified it.  We recorded it weeks ago but it took… Continue