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Comic 145 – “Bending”


Debs: For those who are confused, we’re talking about the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender and not the James Cameron film.  Some characters in the series can manipulate (“bend”) an element.  The title character alone can bend all four.

Man…I totally understand why we never have legs in these comics.  Legs are hard and they took me a long time, especially Errol’s!    You see, the waterbenders wear long robes.  I don’t know how to draw long robes on him and still make him…well…look like a guy.  So I added a few things and made a girl version before replacing the robe with pants.  And I’m posting it.  How can I get away with this, you ask?  Errol is away for the weekend without internet, so he won’t see this until tomorrow night…bwahahaha!  

Bending rainbows across into the sky?

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