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Want Music?

Awesome! We have one CD of original songs, Songs in the Key of Geek (2012), and one EP of parody songs, CTRL+ALT+DUETS (digital only; 2013). You can find a full discography (which includes projects that happened before the band started) right here!

Stream Our Music for Free

All our published music is available on Bandcamp and you don’t have to jump through hoops or sign up for mailing lists! Our YouTube page also has music videos, demos, live shows, and more silliness than you could want. Some of our music, including a few songs that haven’t been released in album form yet, can be found on our Soundcloud.

Buy Our Music Digitally

Huzzah! There are a number of places you can get our music!

Get a Physical CD

You can buy physical copies of Songs in the Key of Geek from CDBaby! Or you can get them from us. if you happen to see us, and we remember to bring them. 😀

Want Lyrics/Chords?

Woot! We haz a wiki! And we have a whole slew of songs on their all with the chords and the lyrics. Pretty much all the songs we ever sing are there. Debs is good at keeping that updated.

By the way, it’s a wiki, so if you feel the desire to help out with wiki editing, by all means, go for it!

Donor Appreciation

Both our CD and EP were made possible by you and we thank you so much! Our first CD, Songs in the Key of Geek, was supported by these wonderful people. And you can also check out CTRL+ALT+DUETS Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

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