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Monkey Night in Canada!

Monkey Night in Canada was last Thursday night, and we were super stoked! We hadn’t seen some of our Monkey friends in a little bit and were looking forward to an evening of geekery and celebration. Also, we were really excited to perform at the event; after all, the Monkeymen (& women) are our makers and we will pretty much do anything for them.

Even dressing up. Yes, it was a costume party being so close to Hallowe’en. I (Errol! I smile a lot!) implied that we would have fantastic costumes which created an expectation. From Marty, anyway. We were leaning towards something Star Warsy because Debs has some costumes, but none of them would fit me. Lesigh. So unfortunately, we were a little short on ideas.

Boyband? ’80’s?

So we ended up dressing up as each other! 😀 Getting the T-shirts made was the easy part. I insisted on going the whole nine yards. Which meant glasses. And wigs. So we went to Value Village.

Finding Debs hair was really easy. Finding Errol hair was…not so much. The only relatively normal guy hair they had was this. Which…kind of didn’t help very much because it looks nothing like Errol’s hair.   I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be actually.  Still, we bought it since there were no other options and wigs, whichever way you wear them are funny. One of the guys who worked there suggested black temporary spray paint that was meant for hair, so we grabbed that too and hoped for the best.

Luckily I didn’t chop any of hair off.

If you’ve ever tried to cut and style a wig, you know that it’s extremely hard.  Fortunately, one of my roommates, Gauri, stepped in and volunteered her head. Gauri is totally awesome like that.   She and James let me keep a Narwhal in the bathtub.

Spray painting the wig black was totally awkward.  I won’t even post a picture of it because it kind of looks like a birdnest.  Nasty, nasty.   Not that I’m making any sort of bad comment about my hair.  The spray paint also smelled weird and kept shedding all over the bathroom, even after it was dry.  Value Village should have more Asian hair.

Here we are at Monkey Night. As you can see, Debs has great hair. Lucky Debs.

We opened our 45 minute set with our usual first tune “Geek Love Song” with Debs on guitar and me playing the piano.  Which I think we both found really hard!  Maybe harder for Debs, who was working without glasses and therefore couldn’t see what she was doing so she stopped playing guitar half way through.  And I found it really tricky to look down at my hands and play while still singing into the mic.   Not to mention that binary bit.  Blech.  I don’t know when we’ll be trying that particular experiment again, but those who had seen us play before found it fun 😀  Everyone else was just kind of confused.

From there, we zipped through our set.  I mean, really really zipped through it, because we got started late and didn’t want to cut anything.  We added two new songs in for the first time too, so we’ve reached a stage where we have more songs than we can actually play during a typical set.  It’s a really great problem to have but it means that making setlists as that much arder because we spent a lot of time going “Noooooooooo! I love that one! I don’t want to cut it!”

After our set, the girls from Nerd Girl Pinups took the stage for a couple of Burlesque numbers, and social time happened.

A bit after 10, The Johnson Report came up to play and got everyone dancing. Including us. Awesome.

It was also time to say goodbye to our auction item: a special Monkeyman edition of the first 78 of our comics! The first thing we’ve published and the only one in existence! And the winner is….

Thanks for an awesome night, Monkeymen! Y’all rock!

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