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6 Responses to Comic 1009 – “Guest Comic”

  1. I’m not sure the words you’re looking for there are, “being in a band.” I think you mean, “being in a relationship.” Seems to me like so many of the the trouble that arises, at least in the comic version of your life, isn’t necessarily specific to being in a band, but being in any kind of relationship with someone, be it a working relationship, friendship, or otherwise. Especially when the two people are so different. 😛

    • *laugh* Actually, you hit on something there.

      Being in a band IS being in a relationship. ^_^ There’s no difference. 😀

      • I’m flashing back to math. Being in a band equals being in a relationship, but being in a relationship does not always equal being in a band. I don’t always understand the woes of the band-specific stuff, but I do understand the relationship stuff. At least, to a point.

        Now I have a puzzle for you: what do 1003, 1005, and 1009 have in common?