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Comic 1050 – “No Updates”

Debs: I know it shouldn’t, but this whole thing is making me laugh. And for those of you who’ve chatted at me with things like, “I don’t even perform and I’m having nightmares reading this,” seriously. Don’t worry. It turned out just fine 😛

Manda: This is exactly what I was doing. Right up to refreshing the page ever few minutes.

4 Responses to Comic 1050 – “No Updates”

  1. Glad it turned out okay. It’ll be one of those incidents in future conversations that are funny now because it worked out:

    DEBS: Hey, remember that time you just made up the words to the song on the spot in front of the whole Star Trek: TNG cast and hundreds of people?
    ERROL: Yeah, hahaha!

  2. When Debs did finally get in contact with me, she bemoaned the entire experience but took a curiously long time to mention what had happened to my song. I believe she eventually broached the topic rather cautiously (something like, “I sang most of ‘Trekless’ myself because Errol couldn’t see the words”). Poor Debs and Errol.