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D&E Hiatus Day 15: Make It So Monday

Debs and Errol are taking December off to start hard at their Iditarod training, as March is less than four months away. So, I thought I would share with you this parody of “Let It Go” from “Frozen”.  This song was on the fast track to going full viral when it got taken off of YouTube by the rights owners of the Korean version of the Frozen sound track.  (I think I have that right.) Who knew that Debs sounds Korean when singing parody songs?  Anyway..  When your friends post the OTHER “Make It So” song on Facebook, go ahead and reply with this one.. It’s much more impressive!


From the Wiki:



In November or December 2013, Errol saw Frozen in the theatres and thought that “Let It Go” was the most awesome and moving song he had ever heard. He didn’t tell Debs because she generally disagrees with everything he says. A few weeks later, Debs saw Frozen and instantly became freakishly obsessed. Over the next couple of days, she sang the thing over and over and over, all the while complaining to Errol that she could never parody this song because Idina Menzel was just…way…way too amazing for words.

Unfortunately, this song is just begging to be parodied. Errol came up with “Make It So” and was originally going to sing it which made Debs a sad panda. Then he thought better of it and they decided to spin it so that a female character was singing about Picard. Friends of Debs’s suggested using Lilly Sloane in First Contact, so away they went! Debs recorded at home on the January 3rd. The YouTube video was finished on January 13th and edited by Debs’s friend Adam Richardson, with Debs there and learning about editing. He admitted that she had lots of good ideas! It took a looooong time though, consequently they both had to wait to watch season three of Sherlock which they were kind of sad about.

3 Responses to D&E Hiatus Day 15: Make It So Monday

  1. Love the history lesson from an “outside” perspective. 🙂
    Or is this from Wikipedia and I’m too lazy to check?