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Comic 13 – “Opening Night”

Errol: Ok, truth be told, Debs did AMAZING that night. But of course she would do amazing! Was she unsure of our songs, me and our performance though? Yes, yes she was.

4 Responses to Comic 13 – “Opening Night”

    • What are you talking about?? I SENT you a video of the whole night! This is the simian showcase!

      Unless you mean the one of last night at the Comedy Bar. Then… no … sorry. I heard it was good too…

  1. Of course I mean the Comedy Bar! Oh, sorry, I forgot this comic has gone back in time a bit….

    Anyway, AGH!!! No Video???? Your friends are geeky and many are asian! No one had a video camera???!!!!!

    • Ya… sorry. I forgot to bring mine. And the sad thing is, I don’t recall anything from that night. Debs and I go into automatic… and we just… improvise. Afterwards, it becomes a huge blur and I can’t remember anything we did…