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Comic 22 – “Calamity!”

Errol: Debs was disturbingly calm when she learned I lost my voice. Too calm. I bet it was her plan all along so that she could STEAL ALL THE GLORY! 😀

Debs: It’s true, I was calm. The first set of shows[29] had gone so well that I had faith that things would still be fabulous despite Errol losing his voice. Plus, he is not prone to panic so it seemed silly to freak out. Could it be that I was actually starting to trust you, Errol? 😉 Were you really nervous about it?

Errol: “ACTUALLY starting to trust”? WHY IS THAT SO HARD? Wait, don’t answer that. No, I wasn’t nervous. I felt bad. Why? Because it was our first time as a group, and I didn’t want to suck and let you down!

Debs: You just felt bad because you drank most of my bottle of Buckley’s.

Errol: Oh… one false thing I will point out. Our punctuation and spelling is no where[30] near this good in Gmail Chat.

Debs: I never use capitals there.

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