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First Comic – “The Beginning”

The Beginning

Errol: Yes, I am doing a comic. I don’t know why I am doing a comic, but I just can’t help myself at times. Will it be daily? Weekly? Just one time? I have no idea, but there is a story arc I have in mind. In fact, that story arc is how Debs and I began as a group. From then on, I will chronicle our daily escapades as we try to ‘make it’ in this big world of the entertainment industry.

I hope you have as much fun as we do. 😀

8 Responses to First Comic – “The Beginning”

  1. They’re head and shoulders above us all! (That’s why no legs, right?) Good one, Debs&Errol!

  2. I look so angry in the third one for some reason. It SO wasn’t actually like that. Was it?