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Comic 29 – “Marketing Fail”

Errol: Debs and I got a chance to talk to a lot of people, and some of them even wanted to buy music from us. Good grief! Someone wanted to buy our songs! But did we have anything to sell them? NO! NOTHING! It was a sad state of affairs. I also think we need autographed pictures of Debs. We could sell those like hotcakes!

Funny thing, hotcakes. I’ve never actually seen them sell, but apparently they’re still all the rage.

Debs: What about the Errol boudoir photos?  What are hotcakes anyway?

8 Responses to Comic 29 – “Marketing Fail”

  1. I was asked that one year at a Chicago convention after a concert. The next year I had a CD and, of course, nobody asked. 🙂

      • (It’s Saturday. Am I required to count on a Saturday?)

        I think it’s seven that were either “mine” or — once — shared with one other person. And most of them had some number of helpers singing or playing along. It’s also a little weird lumping them all together as concerts, since 20 minutes and an hour are *really* different.

        I’ve been involved in about a half-dozen others where I was playing guitar for someone else or, in one case, also doing a few of my own songs as a mini-set within another person’s main concert.