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The No Parker and Sevilles Parker and Seville Show!

Debs: This momentous event is still going on right now. RIGHT NOW!!! It’s a 26 hour extravaganza of improv and comedy and us! Okay, it’s not really going on right now, but the Facebook page says it is. [31]

The name of the show is a little confusing. Parker and Seville are a vaudeville-esque comedy duo comprised of Dave Barclay (Parker) and Matt Kowall (Seville).[32] In this show, they were just their hilarious selves instead of their on-stage characters. The line-up featured also featured Pond & Ward (Do you guys not have a website? You should!)[33] and stand-up comedians Tim Gilbert and Diana Love and Dylan Gott.

Errol: The venue was The Black Swan.[34] I only knew of that place as a music gigging thing, not as a improv establishment. But it sounds like that has been growing so very cool. It’s close to my house! And I was able to find parking! All good.

Dave and Matt were promising “weird and different” and things were weird and different…and experimental! First of all, Errol and I got to do improv. Okay, this wasn’t completely spontaneous – we knew in advance that were going to do it. Except I sort of forgot to tell Errol about it.[35] Along with Tim and Simon, we were part of a discussion panel called “Talking About the Times” and moderated by Matt. We answered esteemed questions such as “When did we lose our innocence” and “Who dug this hole anyway?” Errol and I shared a mic and he wouldn’t let go of it just so that he could keep it pointed at me the whole time. Thanks, Errol, thanks.[36] Carlos, one of our local FAWMer friends taped it for us, but I don’t know if that one’s going to see the light of day.[37]

We performed our set just before intermission, which was awesome because it meant that the three of us got to chill in the front row for the second half and watch the experiments continue. Pond & Ward stretched out one improv scene over three segments, incorporating another audience suggestion each time. Tim, Gilbert and Diana were all doing stand-up on stage at once and switched by tagged out. Errol got sillier and sillier and started laughing at absolutely everything which was weird because Carlos and I were the ones drinking.[38]

T’was a fun and fabulous evening, but I do have one complaint. I wish we had seen more of the “Man Who Doesn’t Pee or Poo”. I want to know more about that man.

Errol: Can I be the “Man that Always Pees and Poos”? I’d fit that well.

I think the audience understood us even less this time than the last one. But even though Debs and I haven’t practiced since our first show, it went really smoothly. I had a LOT of fun and enjoyed the night! Huzzah!

Thanks all! Gosh, I sure hope people invite us back to these things.

OH! Btw, stay tuned. I do have our part of the show videotaped, as Debs mentioned, thanks to Carlos. So I hope to get that up on youtube!

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