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Be on the CD!

Allo Everyone!

CD progress is marching along, and there  is one more way you can get involved – by being on it yourself!   We’re hoping that some of you could send us short audio clips  that we can feature in one of the songs.

The song is called “Beastmaster’s Cry” I wrote with D.J. Sylvis of Monkeyman Productions.  It’s a homage to Dungeons and Dragons, and there is a battle sequence toward the end of it where the newly graduating students of the wizardry school take their newly acquired familiars (companion creatures) and have a big battle royal.  At the end, only one is left standing.

What we need: Very short audio clips of monster sounds and battle cries.  Snarls.  Screams. Growls.  Some example phrases: “Feel the wrath of my dust bunny!” “Ow, that’s not fair!” “I shall smite you down!” “Graaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhghghg!!!!!” Here are some other monster ideas.

The tech specs: Yes, we know that most of you don’t have fancy mics.  Using whatever mic you might use to Skype is totally fine as long as it’s a cleanish track (in other words, we can’t use stuff that’s mostly static).  Uncompressed file formats like .wav or .aif are fine.  If all you’ve got is an .mp3, that’s okay too.

The deadline specs: E-mail us your clips at debsanderrol@[39]….at gmail dot com by 10:00PM Eastern on Saturday, July 23rd.

What you get: We can’t promise dragon’s gold or anything like that, but  you will be forever immortalized in song and credited on the CD!

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