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10 Responses to Comic 57 – “Accessible”

  1. I think that, if you showed people a picture of an AT-AT, they’d say “Hey, I know what that is,” but if you said “Do you know what an AT-AT is?” they’ll look at you weird.

      • When you first sang that AT-AT song at Imperial Pub I had NO idea what the heck you were yammering about. It only dawned me later you were singing about Star Wars… BTW Empire Strikes Back was my first Star Wars film I saw as a kid and still one of my favourite films of all time.

        Strange as it many sound, I know a decent number of folk who’ve NEVER seen a single Star Wars film.

      • But I explained it! 😀

        Oh, my wife is one of those folks. Correction, she’s seen episode one because I dragged her to it. Poor girl.