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Comic 68 – “Let Me In!”

Errol: Yes, I showed up early. The venue was upstairs, and so I asked if I could go up. That probably was my mistake. For some reason, the person manning the bar had a hard time believing I was part of the show. I mean, I have my name on my shirt! Why else would I do that?

Well, I guess other than it’s awesomely cool. Anyway, she let me up eventually. I bet Debs had no problems getting access.

Debs: I didn’t have a problem – that’s kind of weird though.  I got there before you did.  I was the first one out of everyone involved to get there 🙂 

 Errol: You did NOT get there before I did. I was there very early. Matt, Dave and Simon were the only ones there when I arrived. And then I went to the bathroom, or something. When I came out, you were charming everyone’s socks off as you do. *sigh* I can barely get into the establishment!



 P.S. Why is there so much space here?

Debs: That was a pregnant pause?  Errol, I was totally the first one upstairs.  I was helping the sound tech set up equipment before you got there. 

Errol: You were not! I was there before the sound tech guy! Well, he may have been downstairs but I was there first.

Debs: Them you must not have come upstairs for a really long time.

Errol: I was upstairs in the bathroom!

Debs: Well then stop pooing for so long.

Errol: But I had my ipad.


2 Responses to Comic 68 – “Let Me In!”

  1. It’s because she had a crush on you and was trying to find ways for you to talk to her longer…. 😉