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13 Responses to Comic 81 – “Dead To Me”

  1. Oh gods that hurts!
    It happens all the time with the other graduate students and they’re only a few years younger than me!
    The very worst are my nieces and nephew. They give me these horrible little quizzical looks when I bring up anything pre-1998. It makes me feel horrifically old. Try explaining Masters of the Universe to a kid. Go ahead. Try. They laugh at you.

  2. I feel Errol would also make that face if he were to discover that I’ve never seen any of the Back to the Future movies…

  3. This is why I don’t share my favourite movie with anyone. That way I can live in denial that everyone loves it as much as me.

  4. Sorry, I’m with Debs – and I’m old enough that I saw all three Back to the Futures in the theatres when they originally came out. The original was great. 2 and 3 were unremarkable.