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Comic 116 – “TESL”

Errol: This was one of the things that kept Debs busy over the summer. She had to attend class all day! Ugh. Summer school would have killed me.

Debs: Who is Nikola Tesla? Apt timing on this one, Errol.  Today is the first day of my practicum – I get to each real students for the first time this week!

13 Responses to Comic 116 – “TESL”

  1. I think people say “TESL” instead of spelling it out “T-E-S-L”

    Why is it ironic? Like Alanis Morissette ironic or just correct ironic?

    • Because.. it’s about Teaching English as a Second Language… and I can’t use English properly. And Debs didn’t catch it. 😀

  2. Technically, I think that was spelling that you didn’t use properly… not English per se. Though, now this splitting hairs thing is just getting weird….