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Comic 127 – “Party All the Time”

Nothing but Star Wars!

Debs:  My friends Susan and Chris and I watched all 6 Star Wars movies last weekend 😀  Episode II in particular was a lot more painful than I remembered it.   After two nights at their place I went to Burlington to hang out with Leslie and Karl.  Leslie is part of February Album Writing Month so we played beautiful moo-sic together.  The three of us also played a lot of Rock Band!  It was Leslie who jumped to my defence when I saw Errol’s to-do list and got sad, but I’m sure Susan would have done the same thing 😀

Errol: ‘Defence’? Why was it ‘defence’? It wasn’t an attack. It was a To-Do list! I think you are too busy if you consider it an attack. 😀 You should let me do more work so you won’t be so busy. I think people would agree with that!

Oh, and Episode II? It was painful sitting through it. There is no way I would sit through that again.  I fully remember the agony.

3 Responses to Comic 127 – “Party All the Time”

  1. Hahahahhahahahhaa.. Hey, wait! I should be in the comic, then! Yet another reason to be annoyed at Errol. *adds to list*

    Teehee.. I’m sorry, but it’s so much fun to tease you, Errol. 😀

  2. Aww I totally would have done the same thing… although I may have tried a sneakier tactic, like distracting Errol with pho or pretty shiny things 😛 He would forget aaaaallll about the to-do list.

    P.S. I think watching all 6 movies did something to my mind. I sat in on a client interview the next day that was in another language, and I *swear* it sounded exactly like the Ewok language!