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Comic 169 – “Movember”

Oh snap?

Debs:  So Errol’s email this morning asked me to solo on the weekend comic.  I couldn’t argue with him because he also said that he wouldn’t be online all day – convenient, no?  I guess after he saved me yesterday, it’s only fair.

Also, I realized that I put all the text in bold when I was half way through, and it was getting late so I didn’t want to go back and change it.  But…this comic is EMOTIONAL.

(Ummm…I wasn’t actually emotional.)

Are any of you guys doing the moustache thing this month?

Errol: Not me, of course. Cute comic, Debs! 😀

12 Responses to Comic 169 – “Movember”

      • Ah…haven’t paid much attention to Weird Al. I’ve liked a few things but mostly he just seems to be trying too hard…too desperately attempting to be funny.

      • *laugh* There are a few of this songs that I really like though. 😀 “My Bologna” was done way back in ’79. Which.. well.. is still nothing in filk years…

  1. unfortunately my face refuses to grow hairs. It makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable during No/Movember, because i see people with uneasy looking moustaches and i wonder if they are judging me from behind their facial furniture….

    • Well, my face refuses to grow hairs too. I don’t have hair on my legs and arms either. So I just don’t do Movember so as to avoid ridicule. 😀