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Comic 171 – “Oh. Wow!”

Errol: Some people may wonder at me keeping the comic close to being true when I add fictional characters in. Well, the thing is, this sorta thing happens all the time. So… the spirit is true. That’s the point. Men go gaga over this girl. Do I get females oggling me?? No. That’s probably for the better.

14 Responses to Comic 171 – “Oh. Wow!”

  1. Poor Rob and Dave. Debs you’re such a heart breaker 😉

    Errol, the girls are probably swooning in the background, they must be wary of Mrs Errol 😀

    Why weren’t you guys at the Agricola tourney last night?
    *fumes disapprovingly*

    • Carel! I don’t know why your comment didn’t go through before, since you were preapproved, sorry.

      And… it’s hard for me to get out to S&L on a daily basis. So hard. 🙁 I even missed the Nanowrimo S&L meetup. Kills me…