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Comic 188 – “Where’s Errol?”

Errol: We either go for pho too much, or our waitress stalks us. I hear this actually happened! You know, just because the comic is daily, doesn’t mean that Debs and I hang out daily. 😀 She would go insane if she had to talk to me every day! Btw, I’m away on vacation with my family in Calgary. That’s where I’ve been since Thursday. 😀

4 Responses to Comic 188 – “Where’s Errol?”

  1. You think that’s bad, Debs? You should see what it’s like with Errol in Calgary at a Nanowrimo thing.

    “Hey, that’s Errol!”
    “What? You mean THE Errol!”
    “Yes, THE Errol!”
    “Wow, it’s Errol!!”
    “Who’s Errol?”
    “You don’t know??? Here, I have one of his videos! Watch!”

  2. This is when Debs decides to get Errol a custom made calendar for Christmas (or a birthday or whenever), with every page set as November…