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Comic 194 – “Alina”

Errol: Everybody and their mother gets to be in this comic… except for… well. Ya. Anyway, this conversation happened on Facebook. I don’t know WHO the ultimate authority is on Debs, but whomever you may be, can you tell her we have a gig this Saturday and I need her to be in top form and not be gallivanting all night? Thanks. 😀

Debs: Cool drawing of her, Errol! She’s the first family member to appear in the comic, yes? Man, Lizette is going to kill you…

Just for giggles, here’s the screencap:

Re: Erasage, my mom prefers to be publicly unfindable on there.  She's still new to FB.

21 Responses to Comic 194 – “Alina”

  1. A gig on Saturday? WOOHOO! Why has this not been posted about before? Also, someone’s gonna be pissed she is STILL not in the comic, but that just makes it more amusing.

    • Errol: Well, we weren’t too sure if it’s verified, and we’re just background music, and it’s in Kitchener! 😀 But we will post it up eventually, I think. 😀

      Allooo Kelson!

  2. Sweet!

    Allooo Errol! Thought I would stop creeping on the comics and actually post something for a change. Did you do something to the site code recently? It’s working loads better then it was before, could never get it to load right.

  3. Seriously? You did a poll on me?

    And people actually answered No??!!!???!!!!

    Can I vote more than once?

  4. People talking about me is weird. Very weird. Hence, I do not have a comic nor a band nor twitter nor etc.

    Let’s stop now, shall we?