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Comic 199 – “Reunion”

Errol: Leezet will probably complain the comic is also not named after her. Never satisfied. For the record, this comic idea wasn’t mine. 😀 Wow I have a lot of characters.

And, I also recorded Leezet’s response to this comic. I password protected it so that no one else could see and she got to see. She thinks I’m evil.  It goes on for almost 8 minutes though, so feel free not to listen.

25 Responses to Comic 199 – “Reunion”

  1. Well, it appears that Errol’s journey to the dark side is complete, and I believe I have to post an ‘r’.

  2. Errol!! Of course I noticed, you jerk! 😀 I GChatted that at you yesterday asking why I wasn’t in the last panel. And you ignored me. But officially, I’m not in the last panel because I objected to this whole thing. Even though I was laughing my butt of when the original idea came up. Still. Stop being mean to Lizette!

    And I’m not a loser because I voted yes to her appearing in the comic.


  3. Error, how perfectly brother-like of you. Doesn’t this cover all the options ofthe poll?

    L Chupacabra

  4. Ok, so it all started years ago – pre-Debs and Errol. Errol would draw a comic, put me in it, draw me angry, tease me mercilessly and I would freak out and do the requisite “Stop that, you’re so mean!!”
    So, once he started a daily comic, I rolled my ends and said to myself, “Oh, here it comes again. Me in the comic all angry and stuff. I just hate it when he does that! I’m dreading it”, etc.
    Day after day, I wasn’t in the comic. Then other people started appearing. “Wait a sec, how come I’m not in the comic? Oh, I’m sure it’s coming. The teasing will begin. I should consider myself lucky I’ve been spared for now.”
    But then days go by and I think, “Wait? Where am I? Where’s the merciless teasing? We had a funny conversation the other day; why didn’t he do a comic on that???”
    And so began this whole saga. I seriously didn’t mean for this to grow into some weird thing. And let me tell you, when people talk about me online, it’s WEIRD! WEIRD, I tell you! WEIRD!!
    So, I’m good not to be in the comic now. Seriously.
    But to end this:
    1. Sorry that I called James the bald guy.
    2. Sorry for the F-bomb.
    3. In my defense, both times I didn’t know I was being recorded.
    Errol is evil.

  5. Oh, it says “rolled my ends” which is supposed to be “rolled my eyes.” Wow, I’m sounding dumber by the minute….

  6. Oh, I totally listened to it all (and the letter is ‘e’), and I feel so bad for your sister. Of course, I did anyway. 😉

  7. “Oh, by the way, I’m recording this conversation.”

    “…WHAAAAT?!” <— this xD <3

    Errol: You're so mean to Leezet. :p