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Comic 206 – “Scribe”

Errol: Woops, sorry, this was late. I was debating on whether or not I should intersperse other comics that wasn’t about Alina. But then… I was exhausted last night. 😀

4 Responses to Comic 206 – “Scribe”

  1. Of course, this’ll be the point at which Alina starts writing down everything Debs says to return the favour…

  2. Oh, I love this comic! I think that Errol’s rendition of Debs’ mom has magical qualities. For instance: this morning at work, someone said to me: Well, aren’t you a ray of sunshine! And all I had done was say hello, introduce myself, do my work. So, there: I think Errol’s rendition turned me into a ray of sunshine!
    And yes, Mecenary Pen: I will start to spy on Debs & on Errol….leave it to meeeeee