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3 Responses to Comic 208 – “Slam!”

  1. Now, if this is at all accurate, what are the odds that Debs’ computer will become a Cylon?

  2. i wonder why there aren’t any cartoons of Errol being busy and other people trying to get him to do stuff. I mean i know that real life Errol is a responsible sensible mature adult with a wife and kids and a job and all that stuff, but cartoon Errol either has no ties* or is being very secretive about all that stuff.

    * – i wanted to put some sort of witty reference here involving ties, but couldn’t think of one. (sigh)

    • I tend to overwhelm my creative partners, Calum.

      There are some muses that go silent at times.

      There are other muses, like mine, that shouts asinine things at me non stop. Sometimes I filter it, sometimes I just pass it on to Debs and have her filter it.

      Of course, when I do the latter, she just stops talking to me…

      It wouldn’t be so bad if my muse wasn’t such a moron at times…