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Comic 219 – “Hiding”

Errol: Oh dear, this was late. Sorry! I will not be tardy this week. Honest! 😀 Exciting thing, Debs and I are going to a vocal seminar tonight! I doubt it will help me… but oh well. May as well try!

10 Responses to Comic 219 – “Hiding”

      • Just a suggestion, but they might be hiding because of your tendency to break creative partners…

      • He hasn’t broken me yet! Truth is I probably bug him about the podcast more than he bugs me.

        If anything he keeps me on task and stops me from doing my usual creative thing of coming up with something and bailing before its done (as I lose enthusiasm). I find it hard to lose enthusiasm with Errol.

        Now if only I can find time to work on this with him!!

  1. PA HAHAHA, this cracked me up. All it needed was an off panel balloon with errol saying “Hey, is that James?”

    I also enjoy that not being online 24/7 is defined as “hiding” 😛