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Comic 225 – “Mixes”

Errol: Just in case people forgot, we ARE a band first. And we write music. And perform. Not that you could tell from anything we’ve put out in the last couple of weeks or so. We need to get on that, writing songs and whatnot.

But FAWM.ORG is coming up, so that’s all exciting!

Debs, Erik and I were listening to mixes last night! Erik put up a wack of them, and it’s so close. We just have a few more songs until the CD is done! Well, Debs hasn’t listened to the final mixes. I know that she will pick them apart. And then I will have to listen again.

She and I are so different.

7 Responses to Comic 225 – “Mixes”

  1. It’s like Debs knows that a CD is permanent or something. Then again, you guys should skip that ancient medium and distribute using flash drives. Or vinyl.