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Comic 227 – “Multichat”

Errol: You know, Manda was on gmail chat all the time. Every time I went on, she was there. Then… I started chatting to her. And eventually, she was no longer on gmail chat. These are not subtle hints. *SIGH*

Oh, and for your entertainment, I will show you a screenshot of me badgering. *LAUGH* πŸ˜€

Debs: Oh noes!Β  Now the world knows I was hanging around on invisi-mode!Β  Errol, why did you blow my cover?Β  Also, for those who are going “1808, huh?”, that’s a homage toΒ  James P. Sheridan’s birthday and mine – same year too!

Errol: I didn’t blow your cover! It just looks like I’m trying to chat with you when you’re not even there! That’s how annoying I can be!


19 Responses to Comic 227 – “Multichat”

  1. It’s not that they are ignoring you, it’s that they are conveniently never on when you are! Badgering is probably not helping though.

    Is there a Journey song in D&E future? Not that I’m paying attention to the background emails in the screencap or anything…

  2. Its not my fault, you always message me when I am AFK. I am available more often than not, so don’t blame me that you have terrible timing sir!

  3. What Errol neglects to mention is that his definition of “ignoring” is leaving the computer for 2 minutes to get a glass of water :P. In that time, about 20 messages will come up asking why you’re ignoring him and pestering you about your dating life.

  4. Funny thing, I’ve never met the Bald Guy and just listened to a podcast, but “Stay Stalwart” is totally something I can imagine him saying!!

    That’s why I start believing these comics are totally real. ….. Is that a meme?