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Comic 261 – “FAWM Help”

Errol: Oh hey. It was my sister’s birthday last Sunday. Manda and I called her to wish her a happy birthday, because my sister is Manda’s biggest fan. It was the best birthday present ever!

Whitless:  Yeah, just imagine how it felt to be called by Errol and asked “Can you be my birthday present to my sister?”.  It felt weird.  I’ve never been a birthday present before and can’t imagine anyone wanting me…I think he did it just to make me uncomfortable. I’m not really a good one either.  Think about it.  “Happy Birthday!  Here’s my weird and awkward friend!”  Doesn’t seem like a very big prize, although I DID get to hear a couple of Errol stories and Lizette is as awesome as I imagined.

 At least he didn’t ask me to pop out of a cake or something.

 As for the song, it’s finished!  AHHHHHH!!!! FREAAAK-OUUUUUT!!  Errol has  this habit of swearing secrecy then announcing those secrets on a podcast, although to be fair I never said he HAD to keep it secret.  I just don’t like announcing things until I know that I won’t chicken out :D.

4 Responses to Comic 261 – “FAWM Help”

  1. You know Errol, you’re just fawmenting trouble by telling Debs you’re on a fifteenth song.

  2. D&E was fawmed at FAWM, it may well be their roughest times. That and NaNo. And any other random months with completion competitions. You know what? You two should just stick with writing geeky songs and performing them. Unless these times create new songs for you guys, then MORE MONTHS OF INSANITY!!!

  3. Manda just called me awesome. Wow. 🙂

    Actually, it was a bit an awkward conversation and it kept cutting out so sometimes I would be trying to say something sarcastic and I think Manda thought I was being serious. So, just for clarification, anything I said that sounded like I believed Errol’s “lies” was sarcastic. Sorry Manda….