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FAWM Blog the First


Debs: Errol thinks everyone wants to hear about our FAWMy forays.  

Errol: What are you talking about? You wanted to blog about FAWM!

FAWM, again, is February Album Writing Month, where participants aim to write 14 songs in 28 days (with an extra half song for the leap year this time).  Personally, I can’t even keep track of what Errol is doing, but it seems to involve everything BUT writing music.  He’s been posting a lot of comment videos or something anyway.  So I’ll blog about me and he’ll go on random tangents. 

Yes. You are right. Sadly, I AM doing a lot of things other than writing songs.

FAWM time is especially important to me this year, because it gives me a break from doing music exclusively with Errol.  You think I’m joking, but you have to realize that since D&E came into existence last April (that’s 10 months!), it’s taken priority over all other music.  This causes my mom to lament, because as much as she loves her D&E comic cartoon, she doesn’t really get our music, and every so often she’ll ask for some she can understand.  But I digress…

You know, we perform our music, but we don’t WRITE music together! We rarely do, in fact! You know, you could write music without me! Which… you are doing.

And good grief, if you read the comic… I’m not BOTHERING her anymore! Not at all!

You can find me on FAWM here and you can find Errol here.  Errol pretty much writes a whole bunch of D&E like songs.  He posted his first one yesterday, it’s called Boss Fight and it’s pretty darn phenomenal.  I don’t know if it’s one we can swing onstage but a girl can dream, right?

I wasn’t thinking that would be a performance song. I thought it would be, but then, it turned into something that can’t be played live. Not easily anyway. Unless, I have an orchestra.

My songs, as Errol has pointed out a bunch of times in the comics, are about feelings.  Okay, they’re not always about feelings but they usually aren’t about geek things.  Sometimes they are dark and sometimes they contain mature subject matter and are not safe for work.  Errol, I’d suggest you jump in here, except I know you don’t listen to them, being scared of feelings and stuff.

I haven’t listened to a lot of songs. 🙁 I am trying to comment on songs, after all, and if I listen, I feel bad if I don’t comment. I am getting through them. Maybe March I’ll do more of a blitz of video comments. ;D

What I’ve been doing, in case anyone cares, is leaving a video comment for songs I listen to. I even put them in a playlist for easy ignoring.

I’ve got two up so far, so I’m ahead of Errol – haHA!  The one I posted yesterday is one of a chain of songs in a game called the Morphing Challenge.  I had to write a song using 50% of a song that another  FAWMer wrote.  The result is very odd and challenged me big time because I was given a strange and silly song to draw from. 


Besides writing, we’re both putting time into the Daily FAWMcast, a blogtalkradio show to showcase some of the great music being created, and to connect FAWMers live.   Errol’s primary host guy but I got to guest host earlier in the week and it’s really fun to make people listen to whatever cool new thing you’ve found off the Jukebox

Another fun thing I’m doing is a vlog with Erin from Honeybadgers. We just… chat back and forth. She’s in a duo as well with Michael Natrin. We just chat about life in a band and what it’s like to be… us. I guess. 😀


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