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Comic 270 – “The Stage”


Errol: I had all these things planned for next week, but then Debs said she was going to do them. So… who am I to stop that! HUZZAH! She wrote the comics next week!

Ja-Mez: Wait why I am part of this?! I feel like I have an evil twin doing terrible things in my name and suddenly I have a war thrust upon me. 🙁

…and I like ‘Manda’s acting. 

Whitless: Wait..what…I…heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!  You made me an acTORE.  An acTORE!  Me!  The least Shakespearean person in the world…okay, that’s not true.  But I would have done a way better job!…unless I wouldn’t have…I knew it!  They all hate my acting!  BWAAAAAAAHHH SOOOBB.  Well, I’ll show you!  I’ll make a new play!  A one woman show!  And I’ll play ALL OF YOU!  And you won’t even be able to tell the difference!  HA!

Debs: Ja-Mez, I am your evil twin.  We have already established this!  Or maybe you are my evil twin.  Either way!  ‘Manda, I think your actoring is fantabulous!  This is exactly the way I’d act all the time, ‘xcept it would change the D&E dynamic completely.  Carry on, I say – and be all that I cannot, for branding has ruined my once versatile milieu of cloverpants.  Alas!


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