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Comic 322 – “Thin”

Errol: Manda monitors the Introvert Sketch that we did a few days ago. She checks every comment and every bad comment that comes up, she feels sad.

Whitless:  Okay, so I’m still getting used to the whole Youtube comment thing.  The more views our video gets, the more people are going to make their opinions known :).  Not everyone will like our vid, and that I can accept :).  But do they have to be so harsh?!  My agent is kinder than that, and EVERYONE’S afraid of her.  Oh internet, I will never truly understand you.

Errol: But as you can see, they’re all directed at me. *laugh*

I am used to negative comments. Heck, I grew up an unpopular geek my whole life.

So when I find someone like Manda, who is creative, and fun, and all we do is laugh when we talk, it’s AWESOME! She will take on almost any project I ask of her.

But best of all? She can tolerate me. Heck, she freaking encourages me.

And that’s why I don’t care about the negative comments. Because it’s to HER that I’m doing all this stuff to, and she laughs as much as I do.

So I’m fine if people don’t want to hang out with me! As I said, I’ve had that my whole geek life. 😀 But for those that can, we have the time of our life. 😀

Well, I do. I don’t know about Manda. *LAUGH* Poor Manda…

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4 Responses to Comic 322 – “Thin”

  1. I like you Whitless. I really do. Mind you I haven’t checked out the video yet so my opinion may change.