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Comic 332 – “Repeat”

Errol: This is based on a true story. Or at least a true gmail chat. Except for the cats. Which is good, because I’m allergic.

Whitless:  It’s hard to have a conversation with Errol now without the threat of it being put in the comic.  You can almost predict the moment when he’ll suggest it.  There’s no pause, no real warning, but you know that when the conversation reaches its pique “This should be a comic!” will be blurted out and then there’s no stopping it.  Also, when I get introduced to people now, the response is usually “Oh!  Manda!  From the comic!”.  I’ve officially been defined.

12 Responses to Comic 332 – “Repeat”

  1. The other bad thing about cats is clearing up after them, especially when they’ve been sick…[/speaksfromexperience]

  2. My cat rarely gets sick, so he’s much easier to clean up after than say, a dog. Or a wombat. And he more than makes up for any minor cleaning inconvenience with his cuddling and entertainment skills.

  3. The reason we don’t have a dog is that my wife won’t clean up after it, and there’s no way I will.

    The reason we don’t have a cat is that I’m allergic.

    So we have a bunny. 😀

    (I won’t mention where I get my cuddling and entertainment from)

  4. I have a dog! Sometimes more than one. Dogs are lovely. And actually less work to /clean up after/ than cats… but then there’s the walking.

  5. Poor Man-pans….

    Hey, does Man-pans have a hyphen?? Just like, ahem, someone else…. Just remember Man-pans, with great power comes great responsibility….

  6. Having a dog is like having another kid. Having a cat is like having a petulant teenager who thinks he’s better than you. That being said, I lurve cats :).

    • What you have to realize as a cat owner…they ARE better than you…you just exist in their world.

      That said I would rather have a dog, who at least treats me with a modicum of respect and appreciation. And not just when you are fed.

      • I dunno, Ja-Mez. Both of Deej’s kitties treat me with respect. Ana, I can’t type while you’re sitting on my computer…