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Comic 350 – “Pinterested”

Whitless:  There are still many things I’m learning about Errol.  Normally when someone makes fun of something I think of it means that they don’t like the idea and think it’s crazy.  Then I keep quiet and mope for a while.  Not Errol.  He mocks regardless of whether an idea is good or bad.  His mocking knows no boundaries.  In a way I guess it’s giving equal treatment to all ideas, but it still makes it confusing as to which ones he actually likes :P.

Errol: I like ALL ideas! In fact, ideas I don’t mock and silently ignore, then those ideas I probably won’t use. 😀 Heck, all I do is mock myself and my silly ideas for songs, but that doesn’t make me stop doing ’em!


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2 Responses to Comic 350 – “Pinterested”

  1. About the missing of weekends, I’ve been holding back on complaining, but I’d generally prefer heads up if you know you won’t have time to make comics… Maybe that’s just me though.

    • Sorry, it’s not that I don’t choose ahead of time NOT to do a comic, it’s more I found myself not finding when I thought I did.

      Tell ya what, I’ll figure out a way to get you a heads up… OR… I can just make sure it gets done. 😀