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Comic 352 – “Store Aversions”

Errol: Poor manpans… this.. too… is true. She wrote the script.

Whitless: Talking to strangers is stressful, especially when they want to sell you things :P.  I also avoided walking into Snakes and Lattes alone last night :D.  Errol was late, but Kelson arrived thank goodness!

5 Responses to Comic 352 – “Store Aversions”

  1. The trick to dealing with sales people is knowing more than they do, and bluffing them out when you don’t.

  2. I always thought the secret was to carry a rusty butcher knife and mutter continuously and incomprehensibly.

    It’s amazing how readily helpful they are when you approach them — and how rarely they approach you.

  3. My favorite quote from the podcast – “Right, radioactive spiders. Apparently, they’re everywhere … at that point, I’d be firing the scientists….”