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Comic 370 – “More Spider-Man”

Whitless:  You know what?  I’m glad I saw this movie.  Other than a couple of hang-ups, I really liked it.  I liked it a lot more than the Sam Raimi versions.  Not that his versions were bad, but this one….it was just better.  Andrew Garfield is awesome :D.  On the other hand, I still fear talking to Spider-man fans about this movie.  So I’m staying out of the review.

Errol: WHAT? WHY? Wait, if you are just going to conciliatory, that’s no fun. I want rip roaring arguments!

Whitless:  I suspect that the hang-ups I DO have with the movie will clash with Ja-mez’s opinion of it :P.

One Response to Comic 370 – “More Spider-Man”

  1. i thought it was enjoyable enough but definitely NOT better than the raimi versions (1 & 2, anyway). kids these days… 😛