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Comic 372 – “Change”

Errol: I probably shouldn’t wait for ideas for the comics the day before they go out. Well, it’s better than a few months ago, where I was waiting for ideas the morning of.

Kelson:  This is almost a perfect transcript of our conversation for once…

As to why Errol changed the site, I have no idea. Apparently there was an issue with the old layout, making the change a necessary thing, but I doubt it. It was probably that Errol wanted to fiddle with the site and changed the theme on us all, making us re-learn how things work.

I’m actually curious now about what manpans wrote…

Errol: I told you! It seems there were posts that were not visible to non-registered users. Something wrong with the theme. So I needed to change it. And re-learn? All the same parts are there! Are you channeling Debs or something? 😀 (Note: that was one of the ideas for the punchline…)

Kelson: Am I channelling Debs? No… well, maybe. I feel a great disturbance in the Force sometimes, as if Debs cried out in rage millions of times and was suddenly silenced. But that may just be me. Or there is some strange yin-yang in the universe that needs to be balanced out when you are involved in anything.

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