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Comic 375 – “Nerd BBQ”


Kelson: So, um… yea. Nerd Night decided to throw a picnic at the park, and the Mafia heard about it, and so they crashed it, and it just turned into this massivly nerdy thing while we were all outside for some reason. Massivly nerdy in that I had a conversation about Stargate, how the different cultures shared technology and when things changed and which would be better at what… yep, just another day at the park.

Whitless:  Hey now!  Those were not my exact words!  Okay, I mentioned the muscles, yes, but I am not one to get so distracted so easily!  There were many good looking people at that bbq, nerds and jocks alike!  And I’m not really helping myself here…

Kelson: *hands Manda a shovel*

Here ya go!

One Response to Comic 375 – “Nerd BBQ”

  1. I’m sorry Kelson, I don’t think your shovel will be sufficient. *hands Manda a mini-digger*