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Comic 377 – “Where’s Debs?”

Errol: Deej keeps asking this on our FB page. πŸ˜€

Thing is, most of the stuff I do is based off of real life. I COULD actually start doing made up plotlines… what do you guys think of that?

4 Responses to Comic 377 – “Where’s Debs?”

  1. I have no problem at all with entirely made up storylines- all of my other webcomics have them…

    For another thing, if you do go to made up storylines, it might help convince some of the other readers that what happens in the comic isn’t an exact representation of reality (for example situations like Debs and Manda meeting each other in the comic before they met IRL)

    Hope this helps…

  2. I don’t think it would be too far off the field..

    1. You live with your mother and possibly a narwal except that…
    2. You and Debs are roommates before you go on the star cruise and is that before or after..
    3. Debs needs to know what kind of girl you like so she can set you up with because after all in comic 6
    4. You’re single, except for when your kids show up in the after words like in 376. which makes it even more confusing that when..
    5. Looking at the names of people leaving comments on the Facebook pages, you see that Debs has a split personality and is having trouble keeping them separate anymore… (there’s a story line right there!)

    And in any case It seems that Amanda is always saying “I DID NOT SAY THAT!!!” in real life anyway? So wouldn’t that mean the comic would be true to life whatever you did?