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Comic 391 – “Subject Matter”

Errol: Actually, I have all sorts of ideas for the comic. BUT, none of them include Debs. *LAUGH* I kid. However, I’m hoping she can come up with something soon. Else, it will just be more Errol randomness…

4 Responses to Comic 391 – “Subject Matter”

  1. HEY! I have an idea. You should do “features.” There are all sorts of people that interact and we don’t know anything about any of them! It was MONTHS before I finally found out what Ja-mez did for a living. He kept mentioning his career in the podcast but neither of you even mentioned what his new job was about! It was months before I found out that Kelson wasn’t asian. And where in the UK does Mercenary Pen live? What does he do? Do we know? No one knows!! Do a “feature a partner/fan” comic!

    • Well, to answer your questions… Nope, I’m not giving the game away that easily…