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Comic 396 – “Baldguy Errol”

Whitless:  Errol’s determined to keep this feud a thing.  I don’t think Ja-mez and I have ever really mentioned the whole Spiderman thing for a while…then again, I haven’t actually SEEN Ja-mez in a while, so that might be the reason :D.

Ja-Mez: Hey you spelled Spider-Man correctly in the comic! 😀 My nagging is paying off. Though I have to say this comic is especially unbelievable, and could never really happen.  I mean really?! Where do you find an Errol shirt in my size. And when are any of our podcasts ever that brief?! It just doesn’t happen. However, Me-Errol makes an excellent point about how awesome Spider-Man is. I-Me completely agrees with Me-Errol.

Come to think of it…I haven’t mentioned TMNT in a while. I shall have to bring it up a couple dozen times in the next podcast. 😀 

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