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Comic 399 – “Expected”

Errol: One day, I will see these girls not stressed about something. One day… 😀

Whitless:  I can be not stressed!  I totally can!  It just won’t happen in the next two months, is all…now I feel bad for being a big freak-bag all the time.

Kelson: I don’t get why everyone get’s stressed out about these things. Seriously, just play some video games at the end of the day, and you’re ready to go!

Whitless: Kelson, a word of advice, the last thing you tell a stressed out person is that they have no reason to be stressing out :P.  It results in a lot of eye twitching and/or plate smashing.

5 Responses to Comic 399 – “Expected”

  1. ACK! Does that mean everyone has 1 day to do their own Debs and Errol user submission comic?!? Only a day? I don’t even know what software Errol uses to create the comic! Though he did show it in one VEDA – I could go back and look a that,, I just looked at the other 100th comics and they are all using the fancy new characters, but so for mine to look good I’d have to download all of the characters? does he even share those with people? Did I like miss an announcement about this sometime? Maybe the loyal fans are just supposed to know and since I haven’t been around for a 100th comic before I didn’t realize this. I’m just too much of a D&E noob. But is anyone else doing submissions? If I do a comic for tomorrow and I’m the only one will it just be tossed? But if I don’t do it I’d have missed the opportunity for D&E comic FAME!!! and I’ll just be an outsider. But this is all for fun anyway right?

    Great. Now I’m stressed!

    • You’re assuming that Errol won’t accept other people’s comics. Saying “Errol, I want to write a comic” is music to his ears :D. And don’t worry. None of us were paying attention to the 400th comic thing.

  2. If it’s any consolation, I print-screened one of his comics and edited it on Paint. 🙂

  3. Kelson, talk to me when you plan out the shooting of an hour long musical on top of a day job and other theatre duties. Until then, zip it :P. (and yes, I do play video games for stress relief :P)