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Comic 427 – “Wrap!”


Errol: It was awesome, Kelsey and her AD, Whitney (not Whitless, but someone else named Whitney) was able to get all of us shot and done an hour early. Totally amazing. And did I mention the extras were great? Kelsey told us what to do, and they all did immediately. It was such a great day, I was pumped for a week!

For those just joining us, we are filming a NaNoWriMo Musical! We wrote it and now my dream of writing a musical has been fulfilled. 😀

Whitless:  Poor Errol.  He’s had to deal a lot with my stress rants.  But Kelsey and Whitney were fantastic at keeping us on track.  I’m very excited to get to perform on Sunday.  And also in the “what part of this is real” camp, I have never said “I desperately need a man”.  But it seems to go into all of Errol’s impressions of me.


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