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Comic 429 – “Uke Requests”

Errol: Debs wrote a song for the Ingenue to sing for the Musical. (No, Blythe has no name now, I just call her the Ingenue. At least I capitalize it.) I need the instrumental though, and I didn’t really want to ask Debs until she had time.

Which… she didn’t really ever have. Anyway, I also asked my friend Kari, who is amazing at uke and does hilarious geek uke songs. She also has a webcomic as well!

8 Responses to Comic 429 – “Uke Requests”

  1. Heh…I have been incorporated into a comic. It feels different to have that done to me instead of being the one sneakily inserting real people into a semi-fictional world. At any rate, I consider this comic a satisfactory reward for all the frantic uke-ing I did last night. The song is also stuck in my head, which is probably a good sign.