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Comic 433 – “10am”


Errol: There are a lot of things I could comic about. Thursday was a day of shooting. We shot in the morning, starting at 10am. That went until 12. And then we had another shoot starting at 7pm and that went to about 10 or 10:30pm.

This is consuming our lives.

And I know people are going to ask why I didn’t put ‘such and such’ in the comic. There’s still time!

3 Responses to Comic 433 – “10am”

  1. I know exactly how it feels to be down for the count at the moment- having come down with a massive cold yesterday. Here’s hoping this is me getting illness out of the way before November so that it doesn’t strike during NaNo.

  2. Trying something different for NaNo prep this year, I’m trying to write my notes in the form of short stories (or at least scenes) and the like so that they flow that little bit more easily.

    This means that, despite illness, I’ve already put in 1300 words in the last two days… Just a matter of getting a gentle flow of words to page so that when November hits I can just open up and hopefully hit my personal target of 2500 per day.