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Comic 435 – “Workout”

Errol: I keep asking myself, “Why am I so tired?” Yes, we have non stop shooting, and when I’m not shooting, I’m editing… but still. And then I remember that Kelsey makes me run around like a little chihuahua.

12 Responses to Comic 435 – “Workout”

  1. You’re sure she’s actually filming this for a purpose and not just trying to get you into shape?

  2. OK. So Errol has now painted the picture of the wild Chihuahuas of the Canadian north swinging through the trees and running over the picnic tables, disturbing the tourist.. It’s much like the monkeys in that town in India – only with little yippee dogs with sharp teeth digging in nosing into the old ladies’ purses and stealing their ice cream and/or alcohol…

      • lol well, if you do a comic about being made to swinging through trees, and then comment how its making you like a Chihuahua, and add in an imaginative visualization and you get commando Chihuahuas swinging down an having to army crawl down a hill 😀 The math is quite straight forward 😀 but now that you’ve said caricature, the Chihuahuas all have become animated and are wearing your glasses… It’s quite amusing!

  3. Thinking about it, we can take this to another level of awesome… For bonus material we need Kelsey and Errol to spoof Yoda training Luke Skywalker on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back… THIS MUST HAPPEN 😛